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Måns Berthas, owner of Filmuminati, is a director, screenwriter and director of photography.From early years he had a strong interest in film, literature and music. He started to direct short films with a borrowed VHS camera. Soon, his interest expanded to documentary film-making.His first documentary, "Temple of Mammon”, was screened at several TV-stations and festivals and was in competition with Lars von Trier at CPH:DOX.

Måns has worked in the film industry for almost twenty years and has directed both documentary and fiction. His short film "Champion" (2015) was the first film to be picked up by the Italian sales company Lights On. Both "Champion" and his other films have been shown at a total of over 200 international film festivals. Måns has worked around the globe and his films have received more than 30 international awards. For his most recent work as DoP, on the feature documentary ”Oh it Hertz", he has received two awards for best cinematography.